Glass Pozzolan

Glass Powder as a Pozzolan for Concrete

SiONEER pozzolan makes for a highly reactive glass-based powder pozzolan that when added to a concrete mix results in ultra high-strength, longer lasting concrete. Increase the compressive strength, mitigate the risk of Alkali Silica Reaction, cracking, and deterioration, and enjoy long term infrastructure savings due to 100 year concrete that is resistant to freeze-thaw cycle, chlorine, and water.

Key Benefits of Using Glass Pozzolan:

  • Cleaner Fly Ash Replacement
  • Decrease GHG Emissions
  • 20-40% Less Cement Needed
  • Increase Compressive Strength
  • More Durable Concrete

Glass Pozzolan is resistant to

  • Freeze-Thaw Cycle
  • Chlorine and Water
  • Mitigates ASR (Alkali-Silica Reaction)

What is a Pozzolan?

Pozzolan is the term given to a material that, when combined with cement and water, forms cementitious phases. It is often used to replace a percentage of Portland Cement to make ultra high strength concrete, and is required in all Caldrons projects and most commercial construction projects. The incorporation of a quality pozzolan ensures and significantly improves the durability of concrete products, thereby saving time, energy, materials, maintenance, and replacement costs over the life of the product.

Have you ever wondered why the Roman Colosseum has lasted thousands of years while more modern roads and bridges haven’t? The Romans used volcanic ash to make their concrete. Volcanic ash is amorphous silica – just like SiONEER’s glass pozzolan. The result is ultra-high strength concrete that doesn’t crack, making it last much longer.

Decrease GHG

Cement is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. By replacing a substantial portion with our pozzolan alternative in concrete mixtures, we can dramatically decrease emissions. For every ton of cement replaced with glass pozzolan, we save 1 ton of GHG.

CleanGlass Plant Technology

SiONEER has developed a technology to process recycled glass which results in a highly reactive pozzolan that outperforms and replaces depleting supplies of fly ash and various slags. The benefits of this product include increased compressive strength and mitigation of the Alkali Silica Reaction, which is the leading cause of cracking & deterioration of concrete.

Glass initially destined for the landfill can now be transported to the nearby SiONEER CleanGlass Plant, where it will undergo grinding, sanitization treatment, drying, and a final grind process. The resulting material is a fine glass powder, which can be transported to a concrete manufacturer for use as a pozzolanic Portland Cement replacement.

Products to Use

Used as an industrial mineral filler in plastics, paints, and other coating markets. Suitable for a wide range of applications including rubber and plastic fabrication, foundry work, and production of glass and ceramics. Contains thickening and moisture absorbing properties, making it ideal for cosmetics and skin care products, and as abrasives in soaps.

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Glass pozzolan that undergoes a grinding, sanitization, drying, and final patent pending treatment process. Resulting material is a fine glass powder, -325 mesh, that is used as a pozzolan for high strength concrete applications including cement replacement, ready mixed, and pre-cast. Results in enhanced durability, chlorine permeability, suppression of ASR, and ultra high strength concrete.

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