Mission & Process

We started our journey by asking one simple question –

Why send a valuable resource like glass to a landfill, when it can be recycled, repurposed, and used to create a healthier and safer environment?

the issue

75% of Glass is in Landfills

75% of all glass that enters the waste system ends up in landfills. That’s 110,000,000 glass bottles going into US landfills every single day.

Glass Decomposition Time = 1-2 Million Yrs

It is estimated to take over 1 to 2 million years for just a single glass bottle to decompose.

$1 Billion Wasted

By not recycling, we are throwing away $1 billion every year in glass.

Sustainable Innovation

Traditional glass recycling relies on optical sorting by color to be used to make new bottles or fiberglass. However only a portion of the glass that goes through the current system is large enough to be properly sorted this way. The rest of the glass – largely due to breakage – cannot be optically sorted and therefore must be sent to a landfill.

We believe there is a serious flaw with this system. Due to its long lasting nature, glass is the ideal resource to the continuously recycled, but 75% is being hauled off to landfills. Our goal is to not only correct this staggering statistic, but to change the glass recycling system completely.

SiONEER was founded with the mission of creating a new, sustainable approach to glass recycling. One that encompasses all forms of reuse, no matter the size.

product sustainability

Reduces Landfilled Glass

Slows the Disappearance of Sand

Reduces Energy Needed to Melt

Eliminates Harmful Chemicals in Food

Eliminates Exposure to Heavy Metals

Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Reduces Risk of Silicosis

Produces Cleaner Water

Manufacturing Glass for Safe Use

Thanks to our new technology we are able to manufacture clean, non-toxic glass alternatives that are environmentally conscious, safe for human interaction, virtually 100% free of crystalline silica and heavy metals, and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our equipment grinds glass into a multitude of sizes, allowing our materials to have a variety of applications in virtually any industry from beach sand replenishment, blasting abrasives, and water filtration media, to pozzolan for concrete construction.

SiONEER glass products aim to not only beat industry standards through superior performance, but through environmental integrity and a commitment to sustainability.

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