Applications for Almost Any Industry

Due to the diverse application potential of our glass products, SiONEER is pleased to to provide a variety of sizes and customizations that can be applied in almost any industry. From agriculture and construction, to blasting abrasives, roads, and even water filtration media, the many uses are seemingly boundless, and quickly becoming new industry standards.

Industry Spotlight: Construction

The chemical composition of SiONEER glass powder makes it the optimum pozzolan for concrete, as well as a non-toxic and GHG friendly replacement in the production of bricks, blocks, pavers, cement, and roofing granules. In addition to being environmentally conscious, some of the many benefits include resistance to free-thaw cycle and increased compressive strength.

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Due to its non-toxic and environmentally friendly nature, glass powder can safely be used as an organic pesticide, or as a diatomaceous earth replacement. From large-scale farming to home grown vegetables, herbs, and flowers, easily manage insect control without the harsh chemicals otherwise found in harmful pesticides.

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Beach Replenishment

Beaches all around the world are disappearing, and sand is quickly becoming a well sought after resource. Replenishing the dissipating shorelines with recycled glass powder is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to dredging; which can be cost intensive and dangerous to the oceans and beach ecosystems.

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Blasting Abrasives

SiONEER's abrasives are virtually 100% free of crystalline silica, and contain no heavy metals, making it the ideal sandblasting substitute. Avoid hazardous traditional abrasives like coal slag, silica sand, and staurolite – all of which contain toxic ingredients. Safe for use on ships, bridges, concrete, and nearly any other blasting surface.

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SiONEER Centurion is a clean fly ash replacement that is completely resistant to chlorine, water, and freeze-thaw cycle. 20-40% less cement is needed in your mixture, and research on our pozzolan alternative has shown it will not only increase compressive strength and create more durable concrete, but its use also mitigates ASR (Alkali-Silica Reaction).

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Roads and Surfaces

Crushed glass has been found to work as an excellent aggregate in asphalt pavement. It has already been implemented in multiple states across the country due to its resilient nature. Applications stretch beyond asphalt to bridges, parking lots, cement sidewalks, street repair, and all road work use.

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Industrial and Manufacturing

Glass powder can be used as a green alternative for fine grind minerals and fillers in virtually any industrial and manufacturing application. Whether you are producing plastics, rubber, or even paint, recycled glass powder is the optimum filler.

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Recycled glass sand is the ideal medium for water filtration media, and with its many added benefits can be used as a direct replacement for silica sand and gravel. From residential and commercial swimming pools to industrial and environmental water facilities, Sioneer glass products come in a variety of sizes to fit all applications, providing the ultimate water treatment solution.

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Bottle and Fiberglass Manufacturing

We have the ability to clean and sort glass to meet specifications required by all bottle manufactures and fiberglass suppliers in traditional glass recycling. Applications include furnace feedstock and cullet.

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