Endless Opportunities for Innovation 

SiONEER is pleased to offer a wide selection of products for a variety of industries and applications. As our methodology grows and our technology continues to advance, the potential for new and innovative uses for recycled glass products is limitless. While we are currently providing beach sand replenishment, blasting abrasives, cullet, filtration media, glass pozzolan, and organic pesticide, within the coming year we will be releasing 10 new and exciting applications.

Application Spotlight: Glass Pozzolan

Glass pozzolan is a clean, non-toxic replacement to fly ash — a byproduct of coal burning plants containing carbon, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Glass pozzolan in contrast is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, helping to not only decrease GHG emissions, but due to the chemical composition of the glass powder – amorphous silica – mitigates the risk of Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) while increasing the overall compressive strength of concrete.

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Glass Pozzolan

SiONEER pozzolan makes for a highly reactive glass powder pozzolan that when added to a concrete mix results in ultra high-strength, longer lasting concrete. Increase the compressive strength, mitigate the risk of Alkali Silica Reaction, cracking, and deterioration, and enjoy long term infrastructure savings due to 100 year concrete that is resistant to freeze-thaw cycle, chlorine, and water.

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Optically sorted, premium glass cullet larger than 3/8 of an inch that meets all specifications of the bottle and fiberglass manufactures. Use in traditional glass recycling to be melted and made into new glass and bottle manufacturing, or other uses within the industry. Cleaned, packaged and ready for quick and easy distribution.

Organic Pesticide

Replace harsh chemicals with an organic pesticide that is similar in nature to diatomaceous earth, but superior in its ability to physically increase plant health and stress resistance due to new SiONEER technology. Use for field crop insect management or at home gardening. Apply directly to fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers to safely manage pest control.

Filtration Media

Glass is both a natural and advanced filtration media and can be used in all types of water filtration including drinking water, waste water, and swimming pools. Improve efficiency and performance by using glass cullet or fines in a variety of sizes for pre and post treatment, and purification of water from heavy metals, waste, pollutants, and chlorine.

Blasting Abrasives

Glass is ideal abrasive to be used in sand blasting applications as a non-toxic, cost effective, durable, and aggressive media. Produce less dust, without unwanted residue or contaminants, and choose from customizable sizing for both heavy duty industrial work or lighter personal at home projects. Use on surfaces such as steel, stone, wood, fiberglass, aluminum and concrete.

Beach Sand Replenishment

Replenish public and private beaches, and help preserve marine life, with clean, safe, eco-friendly glass powder that feels and acts like organic beach sand. Use to restore public access shores, maintain private resorts, communities, or backyard beaches, and create a smooth transition for animals as their habitats are maintained.